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Purpose of the Hopewell Middle School grading policy:

It is important to the overall success of our students that we have a fair and consistent grading policy that is implemented school-wide by our teachers and staff.  In order to ensure that are students are developing proficiency as well as a deeper understanding of the intended learning targets, we must ensure that our formative and summative assessments provide teachers with the proper data and information to their level of comprehension and learning.  We must have an adequate number of formative and summative assessments recorded in order to fairly ascertain how successful the objectives taught have been learned by the students.  The number of formative assessments and summative assessments must provide a clear and accurate picture of the learning and guide teachers when analyzing that data.  Grades will be given only to determine what the student has actually learned and will not reflect student behaviors.  Alternate consequences may be issued consistent TEAM consensus.

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Purpose of the Hopewell Middle School Honor Code:
Academic honesty and integrity are basic fundamental attributes to the Hopewell Hornet learning community. ALL students are expected to be honest and display a high standard of integrity in the preparation and presentation of their work in all classes. The student who cheats is harmed because he or she is not learning the material or is not practicing the required skills in order to gain a deep understanding of it. Other students are harmed when those who cheat gain an unfair grade advantage in the course. The integrity of Hopewell Middle School erodes when the climate of trust and mutual respect is undermined by academic dishonesty. Our American society as a whole pays the price when short cuts are taken and become the accepted norm. That is not the Hopewell Hornet or RRISD way.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=D-V2Zf7OeZo

A VERY special thank you to our incredible Hopewell Student Council for putting on one of the best Veterans Day Assemblies I have ever witnessed or have been a part of.  Ms. Alvarez and Mrs. McCray are our Student Council sponsors and their leadership with this event contributed greatly to this success.  Our student council officers spoke and introduced our guest speaker Captain George C. Strable Jr., Commander 249th Transportation C Company 36th Infantry Division US Army.  Our band, orchestra, choir and dance programs all performed patriotic pieces and our student body was an amazing audience.  Putting together 1,000 middle school students in one space requiring attentive, respectful engagement can be a risky venture.  However, we taught and stated our expectations for assembly behavior beforehand, secured a great program and speaker, and our students totally rose to the occasion.  We were all very proud of them and we reinforced that once they returned back to their classrooms.  Middle school students are never perfect souls and are always pushing boundaries in order to help them find and understand themselves.  That’s certainly normal middle school student behavior and we have that in perfect perspective as teachers and administrators at Hopewell MS.  Today, they proved that there is hope for our future with this terrific, diverse, intelligent, and spunky student body!  I believe that our Hornets learned a great deal of what it means to be an American on Veterans Day.


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