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Click on the links below to access the 2016-2017 Middle School Athletics and Volleyball tournament schedule.

Middle School Athletic Schedule

RR/Leander Volleyball Tournament

Do note on September 15th & 17th the host teams will be Leander. September 22nd & 24th the host teams are RR.

Slightly Revised School Supply List

The lists below have been slightly modified.  Please review the list to make sure that you have the correct version.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Hopewell MS will have our Two Open Houses next fall on the following dates:

Thursday, September 1st: 7th/8th Grades 6:00-8:00PM
Tuesday, September 6th: 6th Grade 6:00-8:00PM

See you there next fall!

Purpose of the Hopewell Middle School Honor Code:
Academic honesty and integrity are basic fundamental attributes to the Hopewell Hornet learning community. ALL students are expected to be honest and display a high standard of integrity in the preparation and presentation of their work in all classes. The student who cheats is harmed because he or she is not learning the material or is not practicing the required skills in order to gain a deep understanding of it. Other students are harmed when those who cheat gain an unfair grade advantage in the course. The integrity of Hopewell Middle School erodes when the climate of trust and mutual respect is undermined by academic dishonesty. Our American society as a whole pays the price when short cuts are taken and become the accepted norm. That is not the Hopewell Hornet or RRISD way.

Link to Honor Code

Purpose of the Hopewell Middle School grading policy:

It is important to the overall success of our students that we have a fair and consistent grading policy that is implemented school-wide by our teachers and staff.  In order to ensure that are students are developing proficiency as well as a deeper understanding of the intended learning targets, we must ensure that our formative and summative assessments provide teachers with the proper data and information to their level of comprehension and learning.  We must have an adequate number of formative and summative assessments recorded in order to fairly ascertain how successful the objectives taught have been learned by the students.  The number of formative assessments and summative assessments must provide a clear and accurate picture of the learning and guide teachers when analyzing that data.  Grades will be given only to determine what the student has actually learned and will not reflect student behaviors.  Alternate consequences may be issued consistent TEAM consensus.

Link to General Grading Requirements

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Link to Catalogs goes to a Google Drive folder that contains:

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