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A well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Sides. Ms. Sides has been a highly respected member of our staff for years. Early this year, when asked to take on the responsibilities of Math Department Chair, she agreed without hesitation. Not only does Ms. Sides lead and inspire our math department, she also works as a mentor to our new teachers, often helps administration, and is always in the hallways building strong relationships with all students. Faculty members often seek Ms. Sides advice when faced with challenges or when they want to try something new in their classroom. She truly believes that every child can achieve at high levels when given the support they need from teachers and parents. She has that unique ability to hold students accountable to very high standards while letting them know she loves them. We are very proud to have Ms. Sides on our campus.

Teacher of the month

Creating a Student Home Access Account

1. Go online to

2. Click on the Home Access Center link in the upper left of page.

3. Click on the Home Access Center Login in center of page.

4. Look for the last line, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR HAC

5. On the registration screen, enter the required information.

Use your (the student) legal name (EX. Madison instead of Maddie)
Include city and zip code
Click Register
(Student needs to know city and zip code before they start to register)

6. Input a Username. (Make sure you use something easy to remember)

7. You will be asked to add 2 security questions (Reminder to make them easy, so you can answer them (even years later) in case you forget your password)

8. Once you have done this click on the tab and it will tell you an email with your password will be sent.

Reminder: You will get the password in your school email.

9. Once you have received the email with your password you can log into HAC and look at grades and attendance.

10. If you want to change your password, point to your name in the upper right hand corner.
Click My Account
Input your old password and add your new password
Remember to write your username and password
New password must have 8 characters, letters, numbers or symbols.

If you have any questions please contact the registrar through email at or go to her office

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